Whole Food Fasting Mimicking Diet by Justine Stenger

What Is the Fasting Mimicking Diet? (FMD)

The fasting mimicking diet is a five-day fasting program designed to enhance longevity and health span. The diet is created in a way that makes your body recognize that it’s in a fasted state, even though the body is being fed. This nutritional breakthrough was designed by the University of California, led by a researcher by the name of Dr. Valter Longo.

How Is The Whole Food FMD Diet Different From The Prolon Diet? 

Justine’s whole food FMD diet is made up of the same macronutrient composition as the proton diet created by the University of California. The whole food version is made with all organic, whole foods and is made with organic ingredients from scratch. Each participant will receive a complete package  that includes all the food they will eat for the duration of the five days, divided and labelled into breakfast, lunch and supper for each day .

Who Should Participate In The Fasting Mimicking Diet? 

The fasting mimicking diet is for anyone interested in improving their sense of well-being, taking a break from their habituated eating patterns, improving their health span, and enhancing longevity. The fasting mimicking diet has been studied to support neurodegenerative disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune disease.  The fasting mimicking diet is not a weight loss program. Most people experience weight loss over the course of the five days but it is not recommended to participate in this program for the primary purpose of weight loss,

Who Is Not Permitted To Participate In The Fasting Mimicking Diet?

The fasting mimicking diet is not recommended for anyone who is underweight, women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or anyone with a history of eating disorder. Please speak to your doctor before enrolling to see if this program is best for you.

How Often Should I Participate In The FMD Diet?

To start, it is recommended to do one five day fast each month for three months in a row. Long term, the recommended frequency to participate in the FMD diet is one five day fast every quarter.

Can I Eat Any Other Food While On The FMD Diet?

The recommendation is to only eat only the foods included in the FMD kit.  If a snack is needed, celery, cucumber, and broccoli are permitted.

Can I Drink Coffee And Tea While On The FMD Diet?

Herbal tea is permitted while following the FMD diet.  It is recommended to stop all caffeine during the fast but one cup of caffeinated coffee or caffeinated tea is permitted for people who are unable to cut out all caffeine due to severe headache withdrawal. Please only consume organic tea and coffee.

Can I Take Supplements While On The FMD Diet?

It is recommended to take a break from all supplements that contain calories while on the FMD diet.  Please speak to your medical provider before discontinuing any supplements or medications.



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