Nutrition Services

Healthy vegetables and nutrition ingredients

The Hoffman Centre believes that when assisting patients to achieve their health goals, personalized, therapeutic diets are THE main component to symptom transformation.

Following a therapeutic, non-inflammatory diet during your time at the Hoffman Centre is not an option, but is a critical and essential component of your treatment program. There are many nuances and complexities to eating a diet that is specifically designed for lowering inflammation, improving cellular health and remedying nutrient deficiencies. Your food intake and composition of macro and micronutrients should be congruent with your lab tests findings and your particular mind/body constitution.

It has been our experience at the Hoffman Centre, that If your are not prepared to make significant dietary adjustments during your treatment programs, your success in achieving your health goals will be significantly affected.

It is recommended booking a minimum of three sessions with Justine Stenger, (our Nutritional Chef and Cellular Health Nutrition Coach) at the beginning of your program to help you successfully achieve your health outcomes. Justine will ensure your personalized diet has been optimized to its highest potential and provide you with specific recipes, grocery purchasing guidelines and nutritional coaching.

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"Your health and happiness are your most valuable assets. Make sure they are protected"
Dr. Bruce Hoffman