What are Bio-Identical Hormones?

Bio indentical Hormones

Bio-identical hormones offer an effective and safe alternative to commercially produced hormones as well as numerous health benefits. Bioidentical hormones are identical to those produced by your own body and are individually dosed to replicate your own specific symptoms and lab tested deficiencies.

Conventional HRT vs. bio-identical hormone replacement therapy

If you have heard of the controversies surrounding conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and the billion dollar commercial menopausal industry, and if you’re unsure what it all means, Calgary physician Dr. Bruce Hoffman can help. Dr. Hoffman is board certified in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, and is a certified fellow in the same disciplines. He specializes in advising women and men regarding bio-identical hormone replacement treatment. He understands this medical minefield and can explain the complexities of the debate surrounding menopausal hormone therapies. With his unique insights, Dr. Hoffman will bring you up-to-date and advise you concerning alternatives to HRT. Above all, he will explain that one size does not fit all with hormone therapy.

Conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) uses animal and synthetic hormones. In the last few decades, HRT was heavily marketed; millions of women were prescribed synthetic estrogen and progesterone. In July 2002, there was a major reversal in thinking among the medical profession and women following the release of data from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study.

We now have many studies, which show that these mass produced hormones are associated with significant adverse side effects, including cancer, heart disease and other health problems.

Biologically identical hormone replacement is an emerging therapy that is gradually winning more and more converts in the medical profession and among the public. Bio-identical hormones offer an effective and safe alternative to commercially produced hormones as well as numerous health benefits.

They alleviate the symptoms caused by a natural decrease in the production of hormones in the body during menopause and andropause. They re-establish a hormonal balance and provide protective benefits. For example, natural estrogen and progesterone protect against heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Natural progesterone protects against breast cancer.

If you’ve heard the “buzz” about bio-identical natural hormone therapy offering an alternative to synthetic hormones but are unsure if natural hormones are the answer for you, Dr. Hoffman can help. He will explain the real issues and assist you to figure out the risks and benefits of HRT, as well as the ins and outs of natural HRT.

Dr. Hoffman will look at your options given your family history, health status, and menopause experience, and help you make a choice about whether natural hormone therapy is right for you.

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