Mentoring Dr. Hoffman
Mentoring Dr. Hoffman

Dr. Hoffman - Mentoring Through Complex Cases

Are you...

Looking for additional support addressing complex cases in your practice?

A functional or integrative practitioner looking to expand your skill set and knowledge of in depth medical cases?

Currently seeing a patient with layered medical issues that have not been resolved?

Through his Seven Stages of Health and Transformation™ model, Dr. Hoffman has successfully treated thousands of patients with multi-level and complex health issues. Many of the patients Dr. Hoffman has treated over the decades found other treatment protocols and methods of care limited and not inclusive enough of all possible layers and levels of the patient's experience.

Dr. Hoffman’s Complex Case Mentoring Program is extremely limited in space as the level of care and attention provided is hands on and detail oriented.

What Can I Expect and How Can We Work Together?

There are a variety of ways to ensure this mentorship relationship is effective and high value.

Option 1:  

  • Join Dr. Hoffman at his practice for one week and shadow him while interviewing and treating patients.
  • Discuss cases as they are being worked through
  • Gain access to Dr. Hoffman's questionnaires, system of intake, handouts, and lab testing protocols
  • Meet for 2 hours at the end of the week to go over any and all questions that may have arisen during your time at the office


Option 2:

  • Meet with Dr. Hoffman for two hours for individual case presentation and discussion *once per month

How to Apply?

It is crucial that this mentoring relationship is a good fit for your needs.

Step 1 includes an introductory questionnaire that will allow Dr. Hoffman to better understand your needs.

Step 2 is a free introductory call with Dr. Hoffman directly to better establish your needs and how he can be of support.

Step 3 is to engage in the Mentoring Through Complex Cases Relationship

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