Family Constellation Workshop in Edmonton, AB September 23 to 25

Hello Colleagues and Patients,

Many of you are aware that, when I look at biological symptom complexes, I am deeply interested in your ancestral lineage, early developmental influences, potential abuse or neglect trauma, and the effect these may have on your presentation.

Family Constellation workshops are the primary method whereby patients can explore systemic influences on many aspects of their physical and mental health concerns, relationships, work satisfaction and many other issues that may appear to be blocking them from living at their full potential. Since gatherings for this form of psychotherapy have been halted since 2020, this event is  one of very few opportunities held “live” to work phenomenologically with inherited family trauma. It is capped at 30 and is held in a large space to support social distancing.  If you are experiencing mental or physical health concerns or just feel blocked in your life at present (relationships, career, purpose, finances, family matters), please consider joining Pia Kalhof for a 2 ½ day workshop in Edmonton Sept 23 to 25th 2022. It is held at the Providence Renewal Centre with accommodations available. 

If you have questions about the event please contact Pia Kalhof:

For questions about registration, please contact Dr. Alexandra Fidyk:

To your best health,

Dr. Bruce Hoffman

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