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Treatments for Lowering Histamine and Reducing MCAS Symptoms

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman | September 9, 2017

Treatments for Lowering Histamine and Reducing MCAS Symptoms Now, you might be thinking, “Why can’t I just take an antihistamine?” Antihistamines don’t actually reduce histamine release. They only block histamine receptors, preventing you from feeling the symptoms. You may need a round-the-clock blockade of the H1 and H2 receptors, every 12 hours. If you want … Read more

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Frequently Asked Mold Questions

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman | August 31, 2017

Frequently Asked Mold Questions Q: Do I literally have to clean everything in my house (i.e. plastic storage containers, books, toiletries, candles, knickknacks, canned food etc.) or just the major things like clothing and furniture? A: Yes, everything. Q: Is it possible to clean electronic devices that may have mold spores inside of them, seeing as I … Read more

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Exercise Smarter, Not Harder: How to Optimize Your Workout for Your Brain and Body

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman | August 17, 2017

Exercise is great for you in practically every way imaginable. But here’s the thing, it’s not any old workout that makes your brain sharper and your body healthier – different types of exercises that have different types of benefits. With that in mind, let’s look at how workouts benefit your brain and body.

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Toxic Mold Illness: Is Your Home Causing Your Mysterious Symptoms?

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman | August 11, 2017

If you are suffering from chronic symptoms and struggled to find a proper diagnosis or relief, it might be time to examine your environment more closely.

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Dr. Bruce Hoffman is our Newest Certified Physician! | Press Release from Surviving Mold

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman | August 10, 2017

Press Release From Surviving Mold: Dr. Hoffman is a family physician and director of the Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine in Calgary, Alberta. He was born and educated in South Africa, obtaining his medical degree from the University of Cape Town.

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Kryptopyrroluria (aka Hemopyrrollactamuria) 2017: A Major Piece of the Puzzle in Overcoming Chronic Lyme Disease

By Dietrich Klinghardt | August 2, 2017

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, is a practicing physician in Woodinville, Washington with a focus on the treatment of chronic neurological conditions such as Lyme disease, autism, and CFIDS. In the years that he has treated patients with chronic infections, he has observed that, for many, recovery is often elusive.

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Chronic Illness Begins with Environmental Toxins

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman | July 20, 2017

Our bodies are in a constant state of flux – always in a give-and-take relationship with the outside world. That interchange never stops. The problem is the outside world has become increasingly filled with toxins.

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Limitations of Traditional Medicine – Observation Two: It distorts the doctor/patient relationship

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman | July 2, 2017

In our last post, we discussed how most diagnoses don’t just fall innocently out the sky at some point in life’s trajectory and how easy it is, once a diagnosis has been made, for patients to objectify the diagnosis as something separate from themselves, the choices they have made and the life they have lived.

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Qualities of a Successful Patient. Do you want to be a successful patient?

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman | May 20, 2017

“One of the great challenges in a doctor-patient relationship is how best to structure their interactions so that the patients get their needs met and their symptoms and diseases diagnosed and treated in a systematic and productive way while at the same time interfacing with the healthcare provider and their staff so that logistical errors … Read more

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Evidence-Based Medicine in the World of Mold Illness

By Dr. Bruce Hoffman | May 15, 2017

The practice of evidence-based medicine (EBM) is held out as the gold standard of practice when it comes to evaluating how best to treat certain conditions. As this article will outline, nowhere is this standard in more disrepute than in the evidence-based practices currently in use on how best to treat mold related illness. What … Read more

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