Our Mission at the Hoffman Centre

The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine is a private educational and health services centre that assists and motivates individuals in achieving a state of maximal, integrated health and empowerment in all areas of their life through its unique model of Integrative Medicine, The 7 Stages to Health and Transformation™.

The Hoffman Centre is dedicated to facilitating the unique healing process of each client by providing unparalleled health services ranging from detoxification to self-actualization.

The Hoffman Centre raises the standard in the wellness community by offering clients a model from which they gain access to comprehensive diagnostics, advanced complementary therapies, personal and professional development courses, medical-grade nutriceuticals, and a comforting and caring environment in which they can begin their journey to optimum wellness.

The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine is comprised of four service centres that work together to provide a seamless Integrative wellness experience for clients.

Treatment and

The Hoffman Centre offers a full-service treatment and care centre under the medical direction of Dr. Hoffman. From detoxification to self-actualization, The Hoffman Centre offers services to promote health and healing at every level of one’s being.

Workshops and Education

According to The Hoffman Centre, education is an integral part of treatment. Educational and personal development workshops offer clients access to additional modalities to activate the healing response.

Healthcare Resources

Educational Materials, and Supplements/Supplies

An in-house and online store provides clients with access to top-quality and medical grade nutritional supplements, medical foods, wellness products, and educational materials.

Research and Practitioners

Management Service Provider to Practitioners

In an effort to provide clients with the most complete range of integrative services as possible, The Hoffman Centre provides an infrastructure and management service to equally impassioned healers who can provide clients with complementary integrative services and products.

Our Values

The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine is a private, educational, treatment and health services institution that delivers the latest paradigm in health and wellness through the 7 Stages to Health and Transformation™ model.

The Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine assists and motivates each individual in achieving a state of maximal, integrated health in all areas of their life. This aim is achieved through a process of evaluation, diagnosis, education, treatment, and inspiration.

The Hoffman Centre’s primary focus is in the realm of personal health and wellness, but the patient’s behavior in the other six areas of life (career, financial, education, social, relationships and spiritual pursuits) are recognized as playing a critical and influential part in how one’s health is experienced.

The Hoffman Centre Endeavors To...

  • Assist the individual in identifying the sources of toxic stress that impinge on the mind/body and spiritual system.
  • Assist each individual in recognizing both the disadvantages and the advantages of those stressors and how each aspect of their life experience has contributed to the formation of who they are today.
  • Assist each individual in detoxifying and rejuvenating their physical health on their journey to optimal and balanced wellness.
  • Help each individual realize that every thought, belief, action and deed that they execute has a direct effect on how their health and life direction will manifest and that by identifying those causes they can directly influence the direction of their lives.
  • Encourage each individual to see that love is the greatest healer and that presence, certainty, gratitude and love in every endeavor of their lives will activate the healer within, resulting in the production of multiple manifestations of a meaningful life that is at the core of an embodied existence.



"Your health and happiness are your most valuable assets. Make sure they are protected"
Dr. Bruce Hoffman