The Seven Stages of Health & Transformation™

Find out how stress, poor nutrition, environmental toxins, unhealthy lifestyles, and negative beliefs have shaped your symptoms.

The Seven Stages To Health And Transformation™ Digital Download

Developed by Dr. Bruce Hoffman, Medical Director of the Hoffman Centre for Integrative Medicine in Calgary, Alberta, the 7 Stages process begins with understanding the complex variables affecting every human life at any given time.

Program Benefits

This unique and insightful program offers patients an insider’s view of what may be making you sick, what can be done to heal the body, and how our environment, as well as our mind and spirit can actually affect levels of health and illness.

  • Grasp the concept that our health involves 7 key levels of interaction
  • Gain an awareness of the root causes of your symptoms
  • Become actively involved in your own healing
  • Raise health as a value in your life
  • Create short and long term health plans to meet individual goals
  • Ask questions about the science underlying and the benefits of integrative medicine

The 7 Stages to Health and Transformation™ Outline


Stage One - The Extended Body

The efficiency of our bodily functions is dependent on the quality of the environment with which we interact. A toxin-free environment with purified water, clean air, and vibrant, whole foods is essential to the maintenance of our health.


Stage Two - The Physical Body

Our physical bodies are comprised of biochemical interactions and structural integrity. Optimization of these two components sustains homeostatic wellness. This level helps to define how our bodies respond to the six other areas of our experience.


Stage Three - The Electromagnetic Body

We are electromagnetic beings constantly interfacing with environmental electromagnetic fields. Our central and autonomic nervous systems regulate and maintain this equilibrium. An increased stress response and diminished relaxation response significantly impact the functioning of our physical body.


Stage Four - The Emotional Body

Current research connects the fluctuations of our emotions and resultant neurotransmitter secretions with the efficient operations of our physiology. Unresolved emotional conflict with resultant stress can have devastating effects on our underlying biochemistry.


Stage Five - The Intellectual Body

Our belief systems and internal dialogues determine our perception of our interactive world. Recent research has linked optimistic belief systems with positive health outcomes. Negative belief systems and destructive internal dialogues have shown to lower life expectancy and increase disease.


Stage Six - The Soul Body

Transcendent to our personal experience, there is a family and collective, archetypal identity. Here our individual experience merges with the family soul and collective unconscious. Common to all personal experiences are underlying universal themes, such as romantic love, the hero’s journey, hubris, betrayal, and the pursuit of wisdom. Identifying with these reoccurring themes and becoming conscious of family dynamics, frees one from a sense of personal suffering.


Stage Seven - The Spiritual Body

Beyond our physical experience, there is a sense of something eternal. Experiencing this state involves shifting our awareness from seeing ourselves as only a physical body with symptoms to a timeless and unbounded reservoir of pure potential. Recent research has confirmed the benefits of committed spiritual practices with improved health outcomes

7 Stages to Health and Transformation™

Dr. Bruce Hoffman is proud to offer this seven-hour lecture series that shows the integral possibilities of a healing approach – not just for practitioners but also for health care consumers who are faced with all the puzzling arrays of choices today.

"Your health and happiness are your most valuable assets. Make sure they are protected"
Dr. Bruce Hoffman